Monday, August 13, 2012

Paper for Oil Painting

Hi Everyone!

I learned about this while I was in Maine, though Michael (my instructor) explained how to make it yourself using etching paper, a sizing medium and gesso.

This is all done, and the paper is archival which is important if you happen to create a masterpiece.

Besides the description, check out the video.  Very interesting, especially the use of pastel with the oils.

Keep on painting : )

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Where I Am

One more thing....just in case you're interested

Preparing for Plein Air

Hello to all my painting pals -

I spent much of this afternoon gathering together my "stuff" in preparation for next weeks experience in Maine.  Much to my delight, now that I've pared everything down, I will be able to manage without requiring a Sherpa.  From all that I've read, and all that I've talked about with Ed, I think I just have to get out there with the "limited palette" and pull together the essence of what I see.  I am also practicing deep breathing :-)  Somebody once said to me, "Stop sweating the small stuff."  I'm hoping that my right brain will totally kick in, and I suspect being outside, breathing the air and seeing the ocean might help.  Broad strokes, and lots of paint (right, Ed?).  

I do feel very fortunate that I've been able to spend at least one day a week for the past year (and then some) at the studio trying to figure things out.  Ed's energy, and the energy of everyone around me along with the comments and the laughter have been instrumental in getting me to this point where I feel confident, (very "sort of") to do this.  I can't tell you all how wonderful it was to hear your "Bon Voyage" yesterday afternoon.  I just hope I don't let you down.  I won't :-)

I'm hoping that this week of consistent painting coupled with all that I've learned and continue to learn with Ed will help me establish my own voice.  Wow, this could be the next artist statement....(yeah, right!)

Anyway, I intend to add more to the blog as the week goes on.  And, you know you all can find me at

More paint, more paint, MORE PAINT ;-)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Keeping Your Painting Vibrant & Colorful

Wow, it is so hot here I can only assume my oils (which I haven't touched since last night) are eager to ooze out of their tubes.  It's really too hot to do anything tonight other than letting the fan blow warm air on me while I write.

I have no clue how I found this artist.  What I recall is that he has some interesting insights about mixing before painting on his blog.  This article is interesting and is making me think about mapping that out in my head a bit, so to speak.  Anyway, check it out.

And, thank you Rose.  I'm am always looking for new info to hopefully put into practice.

Be cool!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

How we mix our palette

This is a VERY interesting article about using a limited palette and what you can come up with.  I did play around with the combinations and I was totally impressed.  Now if only I can remember them.  There are lots of other interesting posts on the blog.  Check it out.

Happy painting!

Signing & Dating

Kind of an interesting article.  I never thought about the date thing.  Interesting.

I know, it's a long link : )

Friday, June 15, 2012

The Artist's Daily site - cons

My problem with this site is that they hit my email with 'Daily' emails. I suppose you can tell them not to do that, though.


Artist Daily

Hi everyone!

I'm sending you a link which has a ton of stuff on it that's free.  Videos, e-books, etc.  I totally forgot I was a part of this.  So check it out when you have some down time.


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

VPR Art Hounds


FYI  Thought this was interesting.  Maybe we should tell them about our show at NVRH.  Libby

Are You An Art Hound?

VPR is deepening its coverage of arts and culture with the launch this month of a new arts segment on Thursday afternoons during All Things Considered at 4:50 p.m. Each week, Host Neal Charnoff will go behind the scenes of arts and culture in Vermont through conversations with artists and programmers, and by tracking topics and trends throughout the state. You will also hear a segment called, Art Hounds, which featuring voices from the region's arts community, sharing details about upcoming shows, exhibits and performances they want you to see! Learn more about Art Hounds >>

Monday, May 7, 2012


Hi All -
I won't be able to make tomorrow's class.  But it would be great if someone could email me the dimensions of my paintings.  I'd like to send a list to NVRH.  Apples and Eggs, Eastham Salt Marsh, Poppies and Sunflower.  I think I know that the sunflower is 7" x 5". Anyway, I will be in next Tuesday, but if there's anything that needs to get done before then, please let me know.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

How about Tuesday, May 8th at 3pm?

   I will bring all my tools, wire, screws, some frames, etc., to the class on Tuesday, May 6th to help anyone who needs it to get material ready for the showing at NVRH. Please let me know if this works or another time would be better.


Thursday, May 3, 2012

ease of use

BTW, I put the blogger header back to make it easier to work with the site. So, just log in, select 'New Post' in the upper right and Bob's-Your-Uncle.


Set up for the NVRH display

I have lots of material to help anyone who needs it to ready their artwork for hanging. If we can agree on a date/time, I will bring power screwdriver, screws, wire, some assorted frames, etc.


Monday, April 30, 2012

Hi Everyone -
I think I'm going a little mental since I can't figure out how to log on to the student blog, but seemed to have done so, I think, through some circuitous route.  Anyway, Ed asked me to post this.  I hope you all get it and can come up with some PR stuff, i.e., artists statement.  Mine is short and sweet.  One second thought, maybe not so sweet but definitely short.  I plan on emailing it to Ed and bring in a copy to class tomorrow.  Hope everyone is painting away.  See you tomorrow....  Cathy

Dear Cathy,
Cathy, that sounds great. I will see you on Tuesday. I am sending you some new news as far as the Show is concerned. I will be sending this to all, if I miss anyone , maybe you can pass it on as well, or post it on the Students Blog, I still don't know how to work all that stuff.
I received an e-mail from Jenifer, NVRH, all is a go. However, we need some materials which I need to compile. I am meeting with Jenifer on Wednesday and will keep you informed of what and when we need material for hanging.
For Wednesday, we need some type of Artistic Statement or School intent, or mission.  I will be writing a short little mission statement, a small bio. Etc., however, if you have any info you would like to contribute, such as your bio, testimonial or testimonials of the school, experiences, whatever, it surely would be a great help to me. I can compile any such material even in pieces and put something together for the news letter, as well as other publications for NVRH Show, Thank you all, I will see you in class, and go through this further.
Thank you, Regards,

Thursday, April 5, 2012


Wow, guys.  You are way ahead of me.  I haven't done much painting.  Too much playing. Started a beach scene, that's it.  Great flowers!!!  I can't wait to see them in person.  Home mid April.
Keep up the good work,

Friday, March 16, 2012

Libby's Flowers - A Challenge for Fun

Hi All -
It's really not a challenge. Libby sent me some wonderful photos of flowers that are in her world right now. I thought it might be fun to take one or the other to see what we come up with, be it oil, watercolor, acrylics or pastels. Or maybe just pencil. She did too. So I'm attaching two. One is a closeup another has more stuff in it. Remember, these are just reference photos. We don't have to, or shouldn't get too literal. Let me know what you think. - Cathy

--NEW-- Atelier - search by thumbnail

Folks, I added a new feature to the website. You can now find paintings by going to 'Search by Thumbnail' and clicking on a thumbnail to see its entry.


Saturday, March 10, 2012

WetCanvas Seiler webinar

I watched the Seiler webinar and found it to be almost all inspirational talk ("Paint, paint, paint, ...). A few interesting tidbits came up: for instance, adding pumice to acrylic gesso - worth a try to improve the gesso.

The idea of making a box for small item still life work is good. I may try that. I already have lots of 5x7 boards to work on. It would probably be good to do a small painting every day.

Is the '120 Paintings' idea just a 12-step program times ten?


Friday, March 9, 2012


Hello class,
Surprise, surprise!!  My portrait of our granddaughter, Abbie, got honorable mention in the advanced class at the art show.  Thank you, Ed!!!
Enjoying a day in Savannah before we head to Jekyll Island tomorrow.  The azalea's are blooming and I will try to send photos.
Keep painting,

120 Bad Paintings...

"It takes 120 bad paintings to know something about painting." Larry Seiler

This is a quote from a webinar on Wet Canvas hosted by Larry Seiler. While I am not impressed with the webinar itself, he does have some pearls of wisdom, and this exercise which has a thread on Wet Canvas is pretty amazing.

It covers where one artist started with this exercise and where he ended up when all was said and done. It's an interesting blog to poke around.

I wonder what I'm up to... ;-)

Happy Friday and happy painting, people!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Reference Photos

Hi All!
I just found this thread on Wet Canvas for an amazing, and never ending source of reference photos. Now that we have all these wonderful canvases to work on (thank you, Les), I can see lots of things happening. This goes for those working with watercolor and pastel. Check it out.

Happy painting!

Welcome back, Margaret.  We missed you.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Catamount Arts

Opening...this Friday. Ed's cranky indian is there. We should be there, though I suspect Ed will be elusive. I'm planning on going. Let me know if anyone else is interested. Keep in mind, painters, if your a member of Catamount Arts your work will be part of next year's exhibit.

Keep painting!!!

Margaret is Back...

And, it's so good to see her. She's creating some amazing things with her watercolors as I struggle with my sunflower. One, singular, separate image of a flower in bloom. How difficult is that?
It will get done and it will be beautiful. I think it's time we all took a look at the Atelier website to see what's happening.

Hope to see you all next week!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Another day at the studio

Today was the first time I got myself to class on a Monday. It was really nice to meet another "Cathy," and to listen to Ed talk about perspective. I was listening from one side of my head while I was trying to finish the salt marsh, which is finally done, and signed.

Now on to some new stuff, finally. But, one thing I heard which always rings true, is even if you're not learning you are. Ed is a wonderful teacher, and I'm thankful that I managed to get myself into this class almost a year ago next month. Time for an anniversary party for all of us, no? Yes!

See you next week..

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Yippee!! My dunes painting sold from the Jekyll Gallery.  Guess I'm now authentic.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Wet Panel Carrier is Done!

Hi All -
Wow, this was an adventure. It took a trip to Burlington to find 1/2" foam board which only came in black which was more expensive, but looks very cool trimmed with silver duct
tape : )

It actually works, though my initial intention was to be able to fit two 8x10's, two 6x6's, and an adapter to fit 5x7's. Not being a mathematical genius, and also being an impatient Gemini, I managed to work it out so that I can carry the 8x10's and 5X7's. Nix the 6x6. Of course I did a small 6x6 painting today, so it will end up in the little pizza box : (

The foam board is quite strong and can be adapted to carry small canvases. Actually large ones too, depending on how much you want to spend, which in the scheme of things is a lot less than the stuff you see on line. I'll attempt to post a photo tomorrow, or take it into class on Monday/Tuesday.

I think if you're patient, mathematically adept, make straight cuts, have some good permanent glue tape...and duct tape, it will totally work. I fit into two of those categories. But really, the black and silver looks kind of cool. And, then add some silver marker stuff and you have a piece of art. I intend to strap it to the french easel when I'm out plein air painting this summer. I can't wait!

On another note...the new brushes are different, but interesting. As Ed always says...More paint. The gesso boards are really nice too. I am a painting fool right now.

See you next week!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Slideshow - check it out at AtelierKadunc

I have put a new slideshow onto AtelierKadunc. Right now, I have two artworks from each of us on it. I don't have full-sized photos of all of our artwork on my system and so could not upload to Picasa. Currently, all of the photos are under my own Picasa albums. In future, I will put them into an AtelierKadunc album.


Gail is back

It was good to have Gail back in class last Tuesday and this Thursday. Her bird painting is evolving nicely and should be ready for our NVRH show.

Speaking of shows, my two paintings made it safely to Jekyll Island. Thanks, Ed, for all your expert help. It hurt my pocket book to ship, ouch, but will be fun to see them hanging in the spring show when we get there in March. Hope the great weather they have been enjoying lasts through our stay.

Paint, paint paint!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Wet Panel or Canvas Carrier

Hey all -
I'm posting this link which might be of interest to those of us who are looking for inexpensive ways to carry wet panels and/or canvas. It's not beautiful, but it's inexpensive and functional. At least it seems so. I'm going to build one this weekend. I'll bring it to class next week.


Thursday, February 23, 2012


Hello all of my Painting Pals,
Les has been kind enough to pull together some amazing offers through Blick for canvases, and other items you might need. Let him know if it's paint, or paper, or even a color wheel. The biggest benefit is that we can avoid shipping fees, so write and tell him what you want. The intention is to consolidate our let's just do it. And, Ed, think about material lists for your new students. If Les needs some help with this, I'm willing to lend a brush : )

Friday, February 17, 2012

When is Margaret getting home??

I am still so jealous that Margaret is sunning herself in Belize. I'm hoping in another week we will see some really wonderful work, but if she decided to just chill that's fine too. I'm very excited about my week in Maine at the end of the summer. However, I am also trying to chill about it. It's not my mindset to push summer any faster than it needs to be.

Last weekend I spent too much time dealing with my old NYC connections. This was not a bad thing, but it had nothing to do with art. The good thing is that it will give me a bit of the resources to move on during our vacation. I suspect it will take me at least five months to figure out what I need to make this class happen. And, perhaps, Ed will do a plein air class long before I lose my mind : )

Write fellow painters. Let's talk about what's happening on or off the canvas!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Wet Canvas

Hi to all my painting buddies...
Check out when you have some time. The site is filled with so much stuff that would be helpful to anyone of us, or all, that are painting no matter whether it's oil, watercolor, pastels or pencils. It's totally worth signing up and digging in to what's going on there.
See you on Tuesday!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Short Tutorial/Demo on putting your artwork onto AtelierKadunc

I would be happy to do a tutorial on putting your artwork onto AtelierKadunc. As we don't seem to be able to connect the computer in the studio to the web, maybe we could arrange something at the Athenaeum Library - meet for a half hour there or some other location.

If we can arrange a time, I would also do a quick tutorial/demo on using Gimp (a version exists on Windows, Mac and Linux) to ready your artwork photos for uploading to AtelierKadunc. I will also happily expound upon how I use Gimp to modify photos for use as reference for art - cropping, removing extraneous stuff, moving things to better locations for improved compositions, and so on.

Let me know and let's set it up.

Putting art photos on AtelierKadunc

Every photo needs: (a heads-up to the poster of 'Mountains High', and everyone else, of course.)
  • a title with the name of the artist (e.g. Brilliant Artwork by Les Aldridge)
  • to be cropped so only the artwork and not the frame or background shows. Sometime, if requested, I can do a demo of how I use Gimp to edit artwork photos before putting them up.
  • labels so people can search the site by artist (to the right of the 'Labels:' box is a blue selection that says something like 'show all labels'. Click that and select 'ALL' and the name of the artist. If your work is in progress, choose 'in_progress' from the label list. Incidentally, the labels can be easily deleted at any time (like if you make a mistake). Just delete the label like text. The labels are just comma-separated names in a list. If you are adding a new name and spell it wrong, please delete the error before adding the correct one. Otherwise, there will be extra labels laying around.
  • a caption line specifying the substrate, the medium and the size of the work (e.g. '8x10 oil on canvas').

New header picture.

I did the work on the picture used in the header with the Linux program, Gimp. I put Gary into the picture, removed the easel from in front of Rose and Libby, plus made some minor cleanups here and there. Hope you like it.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Welcome to Ed's Art Students Blog

Students of Vermont artist and instructor, Ed Kadunc, are invited to be authors here. Please add whatever information you like about great art books, online art programs, tidbits of info of any kind, photos, links to websites, suggestions ...